In response to the Covid 19 virus and the fact that some of our customers may be in self-quarantine mode at the time, we have extended our Quilt Challenge dates as follows:

Challenges are due:  Tuesday, April 7th

Northside Voting:  April 9th to 20th

Southside Voting:  April 22nd to May 4th

Winner(s) Announced:  Friday, May 6th

Hopefully within a few weeks we will have more knowledge about this serious threat, and be able to be out and about a bit more.  

Thank you for understanding!

 NOTE:  Purchase One Bundle and use all four fabrics in it.

Purchase two or more bundles, you must use BOTH focals and at least 3 of the coordinates you have.

Of course, you can always purchase 2 bundles and submit 2 different entries!

There are variations in the bundles, and we are keeping a record of which fabrics we use ...  so ...

we'll be able to tell if you follow the rules!  lol 

We just can't delete these great entries from our previous competitions!  If you are looking for ideas for 2020, take a look at what customers and staff have put together in the past - we've had some marvelous works of art submitted.