The votes have been counted and we are delighted with the results.

Thank you to everyone who entered our competition!

First place, winning a $300 in-store credit, is "Peanut Gallery", by Susan Van Goethem!

 Second place, with a $150 in-store credit, is "Kaleidescope", by Carlene Brigley.


First and second place in the Staff Entries differed by only one vote!

Congratulations to Carmen, for her first place entry "Lizzy's Rainbow"


Second place goes to Heather, for her "The Wrath of G" entry.

Other awards given out are:

Runner-Up - "Sanctuary Window" by Tracey Flavelle.

Machine Quilting Expertise - "Holiday Inn" by Tamara Palsky

Most Bling - "Josephine" by Nicole Hiebert

Most Creative Use of Color - "Starfish" by Cato Solano

Daring Dimensions! - "Cube" by Lezlee Tuthill

Original Design - "It's a Beauty" by Louise Billet

Superb Simplicity - "Because Dreams Can Take Flight" by Diane Riley

Project with Perspective - "Color Your World" by Shelly Hunt

Pointiest! - "Catch Me If You Can" by Opal Blackstock

All This and Reversible Too - "Gypsies in the Sunshine" by Sally Turco

And finally, our Voter's Prize goes to June Jouan.

Thank you to everyone who entered, came in to see the show, voted and continued to support us!  We look forward to our 2020 Challenge!