Do you have a great machine that suddenly doesn’t feel the way it normally feels?

Or maybe a garage sale gem in need of some Tender Loving Care?

Bring your sewing machine or serger to Johnson’s Sewing Centre and we will take care of all your service repair needs.

Sewing Centre has 4 TOP-NOTCH mechanics with well over 80 years of experience and Johnson's will service most makes and models of domestic and industrial sewing machines.

Come on down, we would love to meet you.

Each complete sewing machine service comes with a 6 month service warranty.

Ask about our JUNK YOUR CLUNKER program!

If what you really want is a New Machine then bring in your old machine and check out what Johnson's has to offer.

Bring in your old and tired sewing machine that is living in the back of the closet, and move up to a newer model, with a guaranteed trade-in! This program offers you a $100.00* trade in for your old machine if you purchase a new machine with a regular price of $800.00 or more!

*note 1 trade in per purchase, cannot be combined with any advertised sales events, some conditions may apply.

What to Bring In When Your Machine Needs a Service

When you are bringing in your sewing machine for service, please bring along:

  • Your machine
  • Power cord
  • Foot control
  • 1 bobbin
  • 1 standard presser foot, capable of doing zigzag

No other accessories are necesary.  If you use a straight stitch plate, make sure the regular stitch plate has been put back on the machine.

When you bring your serger in for service, please bring along:

  • Your machine
  • Power cord
  • Foot control
  • 1 standard presser foot

NOTE:  If you are having a specific problem with either your sewing machine or serger, please bring a fabric sample showing the problem.