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The Northcott Solstice Block Party Challenge has come to an end on December 31st.  Look for customer submissions on the Northcott Facebook and Instagram pages.  We look forward to seeing the 10 finalists selected - good luck to everyone!

Christmas may be over, but some sale quilts are still available!

We have an amazing deal on store samples for you!  From table runners to wall hangings to larger lap quilts - all constructed of our own 100% cotton, pieced by our expert staff members and quilted by the same.  They are priced to sell and an excellent time-saver.

ALL proceeds from our Sale Quilts go directly to charities in Alberta - 100% of it!  

Quilts are hanging at both store locations, so come in and take a look.  Quilts will hang throughout the month of December!


Upcoming Quilting Events


May 23rd - May 23rd - North Location

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