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Qzone Hoop Frame

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If you have 4 1/2 feet, you can fit this quilting frame!

Grace Company has just released the new Q-Zone Hoop Frame, a space saving quilt frame you can use with a home machine or longarm machine. Set up the machine you own right now on this frame or the Grace Qnique 15R, or Grace Qnique 15 Pro and explore a new world of machine quilting where the machine moves instead of the quilt!

Grace Q-Zone Hoop Frame

The Q-Zone Hoop-Frame is a whole new type of machine-quilting frame that manages the quilt layers more like a traditional hand quilting hoop. It's specially designed so you can set it up in any room and still quilt even the largest projects!

Q-Zone Hoop Frame Sit Down


  • Works with any sewing/quilting with up to a 19" throat (see machine image below)
  • Adjustable height legs so you can work sitting or standing
  • Space-saving size at only 54 inches wide!
  • Quilt queen, king, or larger quilts - you are not limited by the length of the frame.

If you're interested in quilting larger quilts quickly, but you don't have a lot of space for a traditional 3-bar quilt frame, this Q-Zone hoop frame can be a good alternative. Just double check your home machine will fit on the carriage by measuring the size as follows:

Home Machine Carriage Q-Zone Frame

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to baste your quilt before attaching to the hoop?

In a way, yes. The three layers of your quilt (top, batting, and backing) have to be layered flat together and pinned across the top and bottom edges. The middle of the quilt does not need to be pinned like traditional quilt basting for quilting on a home machine, but the layers of the quilt do need to be evenly spread out and flat.

Please keep this in mind if space is a serious issue for you. You will still need the space to arrange the three layers of your quilt flat on a table or the floor, find the midpoints, and pin across the top and bottom edges of the batting and quilt top.

I'm unable to stand for long periods of time. Is this the quilting frame for me?

The Q-Zone Hoop Frame has adjustable height legs so it can be lowered and you can quilt sitting down.

However, using a quilting frame is still a physical activity. You must stand in order to properly baste the layers of the quilt and position it properly over the frame. You will also need to be able to lift the quilt, set it on a table or the floor, and roll it up evenly to reach a new area to quilt.

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