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Quilt Batting

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 We carry a wide variety of Quilter's Dream Battings, each specifically designed to make your quilting experience a delight.  There are different weights of battings, as some people prefer a heavier quilt than a lighter one.

Here is a complete list of what we carry:

Dream Blend - 70/30 cotton/poly - 92" wide ($17.99/M) AND 121" wide ($19.99/M)

Delux - 92" wide ($26.99/M) and 121" wide ($31.99/M)

Orient - cotton/bamboo/silk blend - 93"wide ($23.99/M) and 122" wide ($28.99/M)

Puff - 100% poly, great for kids' quilts - 93" wide ($17.99/M) and 121" wide ($21.99/M)

Request - 92" wide ($ 18.99/M) and 121" wide ($22.99/M)

Select - 92" wide ($19.99/M) and 121" wide ($24.99/M)

Wool - 93" wide ($28.99/M) and 121" wide ($36.99/M)

80/20 Blendable - 92" wide ($18.00/M) and 121" wide ($22.00/M)

Poly White - 92" wide ($17.99/M)

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