50th year

Janome Continental M7 Quilter’s Collector Series


Stand out from the crowd with the Continental M7 Quilter’s Collector Series.

Built on the award winning Continental M7 platform the limited edition CM7 Quilter’s Collector Series has been meticulously engineered to maximize sewing and quilting potential. With its rich blue colouring and bold graphics the new CM7 QCS has the power and the features to create projects that are as distinctive as you. CM7 QCS features a 17.8" seamless flat bed, powerful brushless DC motor, generous sewing area and ergonomically placed 7" color touch screen to take creative expression to the next level. Work faster and smarter: computerized needle plate removal, an intelligent feed system, advanced integrated upper feed system and Janome's AcuSpark App to take the guess work out of sewing.

Learn more with Janome's AcuSpark App - available for iOS and Android. If you’re not sure how to proceed with a stitch, setting or function, simply scan the QR code on the machine’s screen and the AcuSpark app on your phone or tablet will provide the details that you need to proceed. The App also shows beautifully illustrated pictures of the standard and optional accessories and provides usage details.


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