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Janome 3160 QOV-C



As part of Janome's ongoing support and commitment to QOV a portion of the proceeds from the 3160QOV-C will be donated to 


Supporting our injured Canadian Armed Forces Members - Past and Present - with Quilts of Comfort.

It is a privilege to live in a country that provides all its citizens the rights and freedoms we have here in Canada.
Janome Canada is honoured to partner with Quilts of Valour – Canada Society (QOVC). Janome has created the 3160 QOV-C sewing and quilting machine to help
honour all those who have contributed to the preservation of our democracy. To all our veterans and those in service, we thank you for the sacrifices you have made to help make this
country, we as Canadians are privileged to call home. As part of Janome’s ongoing support and commitment to QOVC, a portion of the proceeds from the 3160 QOV-C will be donated
to Quilts of Valour – Canada Society. Janome would also like to thank you for making the conscious choice to support the QOVC with this purchase. Sew good things!
Quilts of Valour – Canada Society
In 2006 as a way of saying “Thank You”, Lezley Zwaal presented quilts to three recovering Canadian Armed Forces members. This selfless act of support was the humble beginnings
for Quilts of Valour – Canada Society. With the encouragement, support and enthusiasm of other quilters, the registered charity “Quilts of Valour – Canada Society” was formed
in 2009. It has become their mission to “Support injured Canadian Armed Forces members, past and present, with quilts of comfort.”

Making a difference

To date thousands of quilted hugs have been made for CAF members, past and present. Members who have been injured in the line of duty, as well as those who are still coping
with the emotional trauma that service can bring. All the quilts are made by volunteers from across the country, who want to show their appreciation for those who have worked
so hard to keep us safe at home and abroad. For the injured, these quilts serve as a reminder that we as Canadians, appreciate the sacrifices they have made. A cover
of security, a warm hug, a small gesture of gratitude from quilters across Canada.

Show your support – Get involved!

Looking to do more?

Volunteer, quilt for the cause or become a Quilts of Valour – Canada Society member and help support your veterans. To learn more about the Quilts of Valour – Canada Society please visit:

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