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Bernina Foot of the Month - November 2019

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The PunchWork tool for rotary-, B9- and BERNINA-hook machines is designed for needle-felting with BERNINA rotary hook sewing machines. This BERNINA accessory enables you to create attractive decorations from wool yarns or loose wool fibers in next to no time. The felted decorations can be used to embellish needlework, home furnishings and garments.

Wool fabrics, different types of felt and loden are primarily used for needle-felting. The design in question can be worked into these fabrics simply and neatly. In addition to the PunchWork tool for rotary-, B9- and BERNINA-hook machines, BERNINA also offers the required 9mm stitch plate for Needle-punch tool from the BERNINA special sewing accessories range. You can also needle-felt with CB-hook sewing machines by using the special PunchWork tool for CB hook machines.

Decorative Punch Tool CB Hook $145.99 for Bernina Models 130,140,153-170Bernina Models 125-145, Bernina Models 220-240, 3 series, aurora, 530,550,630

Decorative Punch Tool Rotary Hook, and B9 Hook $205.99 for Bernina Models 8, 7, series, 5 series VIO, 4 series, 450,560,580,640 Bernina Models 180,185,200,730

***Needle Plate and Replacement Needles sold seperately 

Needle plate and replacement needles are ordered by machine model number please have that ready when you place your order.

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