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Artistic EDGE 15" Digital Cutter

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The world of crafting is Unlimited --don't let your digital cutter limit YOU!

The world of crafting is Unlimited--so why let a digital cutter limit you! The Artistic Edge offers you an endless amount of options for every kind of crafter and is the ultimate addition to a crafter’s workspace! The Artistic Edge 15-inch cutter now includes wireless technology. You can also use one of the 3,500 included designs. The Edge cutter can take your quilt to the Next Level! Using a digital cutter can make your quilts come alive in ways you've only imagined. Replicate fabric patterns, cut full sheets of fabric without having to use a rotary cutter, or create custom shapes. You'll have more time for quilting when it takes less time to cut out fabric leaves. Artistic SimpleCut Features: The Artistic SimpleCut software does exactly what the name suggests: it makes cutting simple! SimpleCut can export stitch files to work with any embroidery machine. You are able to create shapes and designs and cut it out of almost any material. SimpleCut can cut fabric for applique, templates for crystal embellishment designs, vinyl to adhere to shirts, glassware or mirrors, or paper-crafting projects. The software can also auto trace designs, and create custom rhinestone fills for a crystal project. Artistic Edge included accessories: 15 x 15 Low tack cutting mat, 15 x 15 High tack cutting mat, 1 Fine tuning blade holder, 2 Hexagon wrenches, 1 Standard cutting blade, 1 Fabric cutting blade, 1 Thick material cutting blade, 1 Pen holder, 2 Pens (Black/Blue), USB cable, Artistic SimpleCut Software, and Instruction manual.

  • INCLUDES: 15x15 low tack cutting mat, 15x15 high tack cutting mat, fine tuning blade holder, 2 hexagon wrenches, 1 standard cutting blade, 1 fabric cutting blade, 1 thick material cutting blade, 1 pen holder, 2 pens (black and blue), USB cord, Artistic SimpleCut Software, and instruction manual
  • NEW Updated SimpleCut v7.1 software. This update is USB enabled, new drawing tools, pen tools and provides new start up interfaces. Includes 3,500 embroidery and applique designs.Use the Print-and-Cut feature to cut out precise shapes from printed fabric and paper.
  • The Artistic Edge 15 features wireless technology, 3 industrial strength blades, long lasting LED lights, laser alignment and commercial grade steel components. Maximum Cutting Speed -- 600mm/sec. Maximum Cutting Pressure -- 750g.
  • With the Artistic Edge 15 you have the ability to design in the software and cut out of almost any material you can think of. Some of the projects possible but not limited to are cutting fabric for mirrors or 
  • walls, paper for any papercrafting projects, templates for crystal designs, vinyl for shirts, magnets for your fridge or car and many more.

AVAILABLE ACCESSORIES (not included): Fabric Starter Kit, Heat Transfer Starter Kit, Adhesive Starter Kit, Rhinestone Starter Kit, Replacement Blades, Fine Tuning Blade Holder, Creasing Tool, Etching Tool, Grinding Tool, Punching Tool, Artistic Hook, Artistic Scraper, Artistic Squeegee, Artistic Pink n' Release, Artistic Snips, Artistic Tweezers, 15x30 High Tack Cutting Mat, 12x24 High Tack Cutting Mat, 12x12 High Tack Cutting Mat, 12x12 Low Tack Cutting Mat

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