November 5th, 19th, and 26th


9:30am - 12:30pm

There's a new book in town!  It's Jelly Roll (aka our Hay Bale) friendly, and full of dynamic Bargello designs.  Pick ANY of the amazing patterns in the book and Lynette will guide you to a stunning quilt!

Book Required



Location: South Location


It really depends on the quilt you are making.

I use the red and green plastic rectangle in my Ultimate 3-in-1 Color Tool,

as the fabrics should read as plain, but not be plain, and go from light to dark.

The background strip sets can have floral, flecks etc with the underlying background being the same hue (color family).

Please turn over to find out the pre-course work.

I did not wash my fabrics as the pieces are small and I wanted the sizing left in to help stabilize the fabric as I was cutting.

All the quilts in the book have a base of 2 ½” strips.

Look at the cutting instructions and it tells you how many strips you need of each color in the scribble strip set.

Straighten your edge and cut a small piece of each color and place on a sheet of paper and label with the number you think it should be. Use the glue stick to hold in place. Don’t get too concerned as we can change things at the beginning of the first class.

If you do not have a Shape Cut Ruler (it has slits in it for the rotary blade), use the vinyl stops.

Place 4 of the stops across the 24” ruler just past the 2 ½” mark. You want the stops to stop at the edge of your fabric, and the strip is 2 ½”. Remember to straighten your edge about every four cuts.

Pin these onto a hanger so they don’t end up crumpled.

Difficulty: Intermediate
Instructor: Lynette
Price: $90.00



Choose any picture from the Braided Bargello book!