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6:00am - 9:00am

Threadplay enthusiasts will LOVE Geri's Threadplay Club!  Join Geri once a month for three-hours, and take your threadplay skills to the next level.  Along the way, learn about texture, embelishment and fibres, as well as how to incorporate your machine's built-in stitches into your current projects.

This year, Geri's students will be completing their UFO's by pulling them out of the closet and adding new-found threadplay skills to them.  Don't have any old projects that need finishing?  Really???  But if you don't, you'll still benefit by doing a few 6" x 6" samples each month and discovering where they may come in handy.  Start a new project with these in mind!

Here is one source for great threadplay ideas!  Geri has referenced this book several times, and you may yet again.  Exciting, eh?

Alison Holt Seascapes

Difficulty: Intermediate
Instructor: Geri
Price: $$210.00


Supply lists will be available with ample time before each Club date.