May 23rd
June 6th, and 20th


9:30am - 12:30pm

In this class, you may either do the Galileo's Star Quilt OR the Wave on Wave quilt as shown in the "Singular Stars" book.  Sorry about the confusion!

Lynette has the Wave on Wave quilt completed and hung at the north store.  It is awesome!

Lone Star Quilts have a long and traditional history.  And then came the variations!  This large quilt designed by Judy Martin is made from 8 diamond blocks.  The unique design looks like it has concentric feathered stars.  It is also pieced in an unusual style, with a nine-patch technique used.  You will love it!

Book Required - "Singular Stars" by Judy Martin.

Difficulty: Intermediate
Instructor: Lynette
Price: $90
Location: North Location


A supply list will soon be available.